Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology Review

An elevated temperature is a sign that the body is trying to fight something off. When the temperature rises, this can be indicative that a virus, bacteria or a pathogen like Ebola is present.

It’s important that you monitor your temperature because proper monitoring can lead to an early diagnosis and is better for your health management. When you have a fever, it can be the first sign that you’re dealing with something that could possibly be contagious.

While some contagious conditions such as a cold don’t require isolation measures, other conditions like Ebola do – and you’ll be able to isolate yourself or family members when you know what’s going on.

Getting a correct reading when taking your body’s temperature level is important. Lower grade fevers can signal one thing while high temperatures can signify something more serious.

In babies, toddlers and children, high fevers need to be carefully watched because of complications, such as seizures that can occur. With a Braun Thermoscan Ear thermometer, you can get an accurate reading.

This thermometer is a professional grade one. It’s the kind that doctors and hospitals use to get a reading quickly and efficiently and it’s the most often used because of its reputation for accuracy.

The light will flash and there will be an alert beep when the thermometer isn’t being placed in correctly. This model is capable of memory recall, so you’ll be able to track the rise or fall of a temperature.

This can help you see when it’s time to seek additional medical care. Taking the temperature in the ear is more accurate than taking it orally, rectally or the under the arm.

Since the device has a prewarmed tip, it’s also more comfortable. Plus, the sensitivity in the tip aids in accuracy. The tip is also flexible so that helps when dealing with taking a child’s reading.

Babies hate having their temperature taken, so that’s yet another reason that you want one like this model, which can give you a reading in seconds. Plus, the prewarmed tip helps it be more comfortable for the baby.

The thermometer has a disposable lens filter, which is extremely important. This is what can help prevent the spread of germs and other contagions. The protective lens can be ejected easily.

It comes with the necessary AA batteries to run it and enough filters to use for twenty-one readings. Since this is a thermometer that will last for years, you’ll want to buy more of the filters to have onhand.