Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves

In th event of a epidemic or worse a large scale pandemic you need to be prepared and take charge of your own protection and preventative care. Besides making sure that you have a respirator mask and goggles, you also need to have a ready supply of gloves.

But not those flimsy household gloves that you can buy in a grocery store. Those barely hold up at all and they tear much too easily to offer any kind of decent protection.

You need heavy duty gloves that are made to exam standards. That’s why the Dynarex gloves are in high demand. Anyone can use these gloves – even those who have a latex sensitivity.

They don’t contain the rubber proteins that can bother some people. These are large size and come in a box of 100. Nitrile gloves are stronger than the vinyl gloves.

In fact, this brand is so strong, they can even handle the stress of difficult jobs such as working on automobiles – and they’re designed to be used in households, for medical use and outdoor use.

These gloves are textured at the tip for easy grip. Because Ebola can remain on an infected surface for many hours or days, surfaces need to be cleaned with a strong solution that’s specific for decontaminating surfaces and killing the virus.

You need gloves strong enough not to fall apart during this process and these gloves can handle that. You want gloves that are strong enough to use when you leave your house in case the virus spreads in your community.

Wearing gloves in public can help prevent you from getting Ebola if you touch a contaminated surface that someone carrying the virus has touched. With the way the world is so interconnected, it’s a strong possibility that you could touch a contaminated surface.