EBOLA Wells Lamont 174L Blue Heavy Duty PVC Supported Gauntlet Cuff

Heavy Duty Gauntlet Cuff gloves are on the top of the buy list because it’s easy to use your fingers when wearing them. Some gloves are so poorly made they squish your fingers and it’s harder to grasp objects wearing them.

Fortunately, that’s not the case here. These are roomy enough to be used for a variety of tasks. They’re made to fit large hands, too. They’re the kind of gloves that you want to use for protection from Ebola.

These are not like the disposable gloves you can buy. These are tough enough to withstand exposure to strong chemicals and give a solid barrier against contact with bodily fluids.

They have a long lasting strength that’s strong enough for jobs like stripping paint or use with demolition projects, too. They’re made of heavy PVC with a cotton shell and they don’t have seams, which is a good thing. Seams can pull apart and put you at risk.

Wells Lamont gloves are flexible and waterproof – and long enough to offer protect more than just your hands. The wide cuff makes it easy for them to fit over a hazmat coverall.