Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack Review

Viruses and pathogens have made countless people ill and in many cases, have even caused death. While there’s no way to stop viruses and pathogens at this time, you don’t have to accept their presence as inevitable in your life.

Some people claim that they never get sick. They probably don’t get sick like others do because they practice good cleaning habits – including disinfecting their homes and other areas.

Cross contamination and poor cleaning of surfaces is one of the reasons that the Ebola disease as spread the way it has. The best way to stop germs and the pathogen that causes Ebola in its tracks is by avoiding contamination.

You simply have to practice better preventative measures now more than ever before. Sadly, not everyone will practice good hygiene that helps prevent the spread of the disease.

You can have a coworker use the bathroom and then leave without washing her hands. With those hands, now contaminated with germs, she can reach for the handle of the coffee pot, the jar of creamer or touch the refrigerator door handle in the break room – and the next thing you know, illness has swept through the office.

People sneeze without covering up. They cough, the come in to work when they’re really too sick and shouldn’t. You can’t do anything about the selfish acts of careless people.

But you can practice some good habits that can minimize and even end your risk of becoming ill. One of the first steps in this is to make sure that surfaces in your day-to-day living are cleaned and disinfected.

The best way to do this is by using disinfecting wipes like Lysol. These are quick and handy and can be used anywhere. You can use them in the office to wipe down door handles, countertops and anything a careless coworker might touch.

These wipes have the ability to kill almost 100% (99.9) of viruses that are harmful to humans. This is especially helpful during flu or pandemic situations. These wipes are also effective in killing dangerous bacteria like E.coli and salmonella.

It’s even strong enough to kill the germs associated with herpes simplex virus. You can use the wipes to clean and disinfect your kitchen counters and the handles on your appliances.

You can even use them to clean your cabinets and it doesn’t matter if they’re made of wood because the product is safe to use on wood surfaces. By halting the spread of germs, you can keep yourself and your family healthier and safer.

The wipes can do away with allergens and are able to keep mold as well as mildew from occurring, too. These are thick wipes that come in a package of three – so you get two hundred and forty wipes total. They come in a nice scent of lemon and lime blossom.