OXIVIR TB One Step Disinfectant Cleaner

There have been many diseases that have killed scores of people through the years. Out of all of these diseases, Ebola is the one that strikes fear into the hearts of the public.

There are good reasons for that fear. Someone can have Ebola and carry it around within their body, not even knowing that they have the disease. They won’t know until the disease begins to manifest itself in outward symptoms.

By the time that Ebola makes itself known within a person, the possibility that many other people have also been infected by the carrier is high. Health officials claim they have to be showing symptoms for infection to occur, but even a headache is a symptom, and many people won’t think anything of it with a headache.

Besides that, many experts warn that this disease quickly mutates – so how long until it does go airborne in America? With the first case of Ebola, everyone that the patient had contact with had to be warned and monitored.

Some are in quarantine. Even as health officials are telling the public not to worry, they themselves are worried. The first case was basically a test in readiness preparation and that test was a failure.

The patient slipped through the cracks in that hospital’s system the first time – which put even more people at risk. Ebola is not easily contained and it has the potential to kill thousands of people. You must be prepared.

There’s some misinformation when it comes to disinfecting surfaces and other items in preparation for halting the spread of this disease. Using common household bleach is advice that’s commonly given.

Household bleach is not 100% effective in killing the Ebola virus. It can help, true – but it isn’t specifically manufactured to kill blood borne pathogens. You have to have a cleaner that is – and you want one that can target Ebola.

Always check the label of a disinfectant. If it doesn’t specifically say what it kills, then you won’t know for sure. A disinfectant that can kill these pathogens is Oxivir TB One-Step.

This cleaner is so powerful that it’s specifically made to kill some pretty nasty pathogens. Among those pathogens it can kill are Norovirus, EV-068, MRSA, Tuberculocidal, VRE and Ebola.

This cleaner is hospital grade – meaning this is what hospitals use to kill the viruses and diseases that kill people. It’s made to be used to clean up areas and disinfect surfaces that have been contaminated with body fluids. It can be used as a spray or as a wipe down solution.

It can disinfect an area in one minute. It’s also a fungicide and can be used to sanitize. Anywhere crowds gather – such as schools or daycare centers – this cleaner is a good idea to have onhand to clean up surface areas. It comes in a quart size, so you’ll want to buy at least two to start with.