Purell Pump Bottle

There are millions of pathogens that exist. Some of these pathogens aren’t harmful to humans. But some, like Ebola, are powerful enough to kill in a matter of days.

The CDC has stated that even if someone with the Ebola virus is on a plane, the other passengers have only a slim chance of contracting the disease. This is a foolish statement and doesn’t make sense when compared to the CDC’s handling of an Ebola scare.

CDC officials met a flight where a man was thought to have Ebola symptoms. The other passengers were not informed and were not allowed to leave for hours.

The CDC officials entered the plane wearing protective gear. That’s a big reaction to what’s supposedly a slim chance and the officials made sure they themselves were protected.

This is another example of why you have to watch out for your own health and protect yourself accordingly from viruses as well as diseases like Ebola. The FDA has strict guidelines in place in the healthcare environment when it comes to hand washing.

Since experts know that germs and pathogens cause illness, hand washing is one of the best ways to keep from spreading the illness. Sanitizers can step in and help when you don’t have access to soap and water.

These guidelines from the FDA are in place as a means of stopping the spread of contagious pathogens including ones like Ebola. But not all sanitizers exceed the FDA guidelines like Purell does.

Alcohol is an ingredient in many hand sanitizing products. Some of these products have a higher alcohol content than others. But you have to be careful when using products with high concentration of alcohol.

Not only is this an ingredient that’s tough on your hands, but it can cause the skin to crack and open up the potential for infections and pathogens to enter the body. Too much of this ingredient is dangerous to some people.

High levels of alcohol can be absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream. Children especially are at risk. That’s why you want a sanitizer that minimizes the use of alcohol in its formula.

Purell doesn’t go overboard with this. Instead, they use a formula that’s not only better for your hand care, but is more effective than brands that add higher quantities of alcohol.

This means you get a health defense against pathogens as well as something that protects your skin. This hand sanitizer has a higher germ kill ratio other brands of sanitizer.

You can get these in a pack of twelve 8 ounce bottles. You need at least that many for your home, office, car, school, purse and your gym bag. Any time you come in contact with surfaces that others have touched, you need to use a hand sanitizer.