Top 3 Underlooked Preps

1. Toothbrushes


So the crap has hit the fan and you have enough food and supplies to last for a while. Good for you.
After sitting down to another tasty feast of canned chilli beans you get up and walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth before you go hit the sack.
You make it to the bathroom and open the cabinet to find (much to your horror!) that your toothbrush has worn out.
Then it hits you like a ton of bricks “Holy crap!! I forgot to buy extra toothbrushes!!!!!”
Yes I know there are alternatives to toothbrushes but hey, I’d prefer a toothbrush for post-apocalyptic dental care instead of a twig.

So if you want to avoid getting splinters in your gums if the crap goes down, pack a good supply of toothbrushes away for a rainy day (or Nuclear Winter).

2. Toilet Paper


So the chilli beans are working their way through your system and you find yourself running for the crapper at 3am.
Flashlight in hand you burst through the door and plant your ass firmly on the throne.
You go about your business and then reach for some good ol’ Double Ply only to find the roll empty!!
After a while you manage to duck walk to your supply closet to confirm your worst fears “Your out of Crapper papper!!”
TP takes up more room that a few extra toothbrushes but believe me, if you put a good supply away then you won’t regret it!!
You need clean rear-end while you fight off the hordes of Zombies!!

3. Batteries


No point having high power flashlights, walkie talkies, etc if you run of batteries to power them in the first week.
You can buy batteries in bulk and they are definitely worth their weight in gold during a crisis.
For long term storage you can seal them in an airtight bag and chuck em at the back of your fridge.